Sunday, April 10, 2005


JSH: What's happening now?

As I've said many times, I use Usenet to brainstorm, and I tried using it to do a thorough critique for a while, but went back to brainstorming when I finally had the surrogate factoring theorem.

I promptly wrote a paper covering the surrogate factoring theorem, but haven't presented it to a journal yet, as I'm still musing.

I am looking for any objections that find a serious problem with it, as well as just finding that I'm spending time wondering about it and wondering about it and wondering about it.

Posters have very little impact in terms of the big picture.

Like I did contact the NSA months ago, when they weren't very interested, but now I might contact them again, except I'm still not sure about that, as I don't want to piss them off!!!

You don't mess with the NSA, and I feel hesitant about being pushy with them.

Then again, I may just sit on it for a while and think, before sending it off to some journal.

More than anything else, I find myself curious, as it's sort of odd to go over carefully the mathematics, not see anything wrong, and not see the expected reaction from the world.

By now someone should have realized that it could work and something, I don't know exactly what, but something, should have happened.

With the surrogate factoring theorem, it's not even hard, so basically, anyone with a little knowledge can try it.

It seems to me that it's Fate, as if this research is what I think it is, then it will open the Internet wide, forcing new methods for security, and basically changing the entire Internet.

But it could take a while before the information is absorbed as the belief that RSA is a secure technique is so strong.

Social beliefs have a real power, and for now, I feel confident that the world is more or less secure because people believe it is secure, without regard to the mathematical reality.

There is what is mathematically true, and there is what people believe is mathematically true, and these can be two different things.

While people believe in RSA, then it will to some extent still work.

Except with people like me, who, if it's easy to work out, can now use the surrogate factoring theorem and factor really big numbers.

So the people who believe won't try or check, while the people who don't may, and the world will keep turning, either way.

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