Wednesday, March 02, 2005


JSH: Multiple tools

So now I'm talking about my prime counting function again, and I think that I like returning to it, as with it I can probe the depths of irrationality from the math community, and properly set things up so that people can be certain that mathematicians do lie to them.

It takes time.

But also I'm just scattered about it.

I basically see it as an onerous task pushed upon me by a strange situation that I continue to try and understand.

There are quite a few ways I can bring things to a close now, as I keep doing research.

I can stress prime counting and the popularity of primes and prime research as well as the supposed importance of them to mathematicians.

Or I can talk about finding a new way to factor. As time progresses, the weight of it grows greater, and there is always the worst case possibility that someone figures out how to get it to work well, and just forces the issue, but that is out of my hands.

Or I have other research I can discuss.

Who knows what I'll have tomorrow.

In response I mostly see, well, I don't see much at all except a passive-aggressive strategy of wait and see.

You wait and see, and you give an active mind more time to complete a stupendous task.

I needed that time. Now I need it less. When I need no more time, it will be over, just like that.

You sit back and hope, and I think of new ways to spread the information with the stated goal being out there for some time—undermining the current mathematical establishment because it is

Time is my weapon, not yours. With time I take away plausible deniability. I present a case that travels better than many of you may realize.

And I make my case in what is basically a public prosecution.

You are on trial, and have been on trial for some time.

In playing my role I want nothing more than maximum evidence, and part of my evidence is the behavior that's taking place now because I need maximum impact so that the world knows that something must be done as mathematics is too important of an area for corruption to be left alone.

The future of the world depends on my efforts.

I have the weight of the future on my shoulders, and it is Fated that I will not fail.

I will not fail.

My Fate is sealed. And so is yours.

Oh crap. I'm actually getting kind of bored with these type posts.

They use to be fun for a while, but the fun is gone.

Here's what I see.

Surrogate factoring ends it all.

That means that surrogate factoring is basically the big whammy that I think it is, and my having it now, at this time is probably it.

It takes away the need to talk, which just ruins the fun.

You people no longer have any control at this point, and I don't think it matters what you do any more.

You are trapped, just like I am with the inevitable.

Surrogate factoring will make things happen, whether I do anything else or not, or whether any of you do anything else or not.

It's out of our hands.

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