Tuesday, February 08, 2005


JSH: Time is not on your side

To me the basic surrogate factoring method, where you factor T and also j is not an elegant solution.

However, it's the easiest to show, so I posted the equations, and I've shown I'm right.

For even a beginning math student, the math is basically trivial.

You people, however, don't seem to have a clue what is going on.

Right now, someone can exploit the theory, and factor some really huge numbers.

My guess is that the theory can be developed with a distributed solution to the point where you could factor a 2048 bit number in milliseconds.

It's anybody's guess how long it would take develop the theory and implementiaon to that point, but I'd guess about two months.

Right now, it probably would take someone a couple of days with the BASIC theory and some powerful workstations to factor a 2048 bit number, just with the very basic and inelegant set of equations I've posted the last two days.

The more elegant solution I'm working on involves just factoring T.

And it's so elegant it allows a recursive solution, which potentially could factor a 4048 bit number on a single pc in a few hours.

You people are worrying about social crap, when you can DO THE MATH, and see that solutions are now being found that can end the world as you know it.

The surrogate factoring method in and of itself is just knowledge, and it's really important knowledge, which would have an impact anyway, but if it gets developed on the fringes and is acknowledged by the mainstream only when something really bad happens, then I assure you the world as you know it, the world of today, will be gone, replaced by who know's what.

Time is not on your side.

Play your social games, the ones I know so well, and ask yourselves some serious questions, how did you get here?

Soon enough events will unfold very rapidly. I fear your decision, so I suggest to those who listen that they enjoy the world, whatever their piece of it may be, as much as they can over the next few days, as soon enough, it will pass away, thanks to people who call themselves "mathematicians".

The tests were to be mathematical, and they were, given to those who called themselves mathematicians.

You have ignored the three previous, but cannot ignore the final one.

It is the final test for those who rejected the first three.

You were given three chances.

You failed them all.

So now, The Hammer is here, and with it, the end of days.

The world will be destroyed, and then remade, as foretold.

You will be lost, with your children, and then there will be others, and one day they will be tested, and will pass, but that is another story.

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