Saturday, February 26, 2005


JSH: Part of the point, math society

So like I said, surrogate factoring is a concept so the particulars aren't as important as whether or not the concept can be made to work practically.

Now, just for the sake of argument, let's say it can.

Well it's a decent idea, and if it can be made to work then there is an enormous impact on the entire world, but my thesis is that math society is corrupt, so you people will sit back, and passively hope that it just can't work, or if it can, that no one will figure it out!

That's part of the point, you're not rational as a group!

People believe all kinds of things about mathematicians now, like they just won't believe that mathematicians as a group can claim an argument is correct, even when it's not.

I know you can cause I feel very certain I have multiple proofs, for instance, that Wiles did not prove Fermat's Last Theorem.

And they don't believe that you can ignore major mathematical proofs, when I know you can.

I know you can because surrogate factoring is my fourth major mathematical discovery.

But people don't yet get it, yet.

There's nothing like a situation where everyone does get it, for people to learn to drop their beliefs.

And here, everyone will get it.

The idea is out there. There is ample time to inform people who trust in society to efficiently distribute important information.

That's how you can trust medical doctors to mostly not harm you with medical information.

And how you can trust your mechanices to fix your car, or try to trust the car manufacturers to recall when there's a problem, like exploding gas tanks.

Similarly, people, I say naively, believe that they can trust math experts i.e. mathematicians, to inform them of important mathematical issues—like a concept that could affect their life savings.

But I fear that their belief is just wrong and that you people as a group will do that groupthink thing, and just sit on your hands, hoping later to claim it wasn't your fault, and how could you know?

I'm telling the world you had to know, and that later you will just lie like you're lying now, as your actions must be conscious on many levels.

You deliberately act to hide, as a group, discoveries made by amateur mathematicians, I think to preserve your social order against the inherent destabilizing reality that people you consider outsiders, strangers, can make major mathematical discoveries.

And so one small group has the power to to greatly harm many much larger groups, and remind people that sometimes trust can be misplaced.

The Hammer is here.

[A reply to someone who asked if James was only drunk or under the influence of other drugs.]

No, I'm desperate. I guess I didn't help matters much either.

The proof is trivial. The method is easily proven to have to work.

Someone can exploit this and then what?

All the chatter in the world won't make a difference then, and whatever meager satisfaction some of you get from making fun of me will not compare to the consequences.

Math is real, whether you believe in it or not.

People are out there trusting. Trusting that there are smart people watching out for them, watching out for some big result.

But you people still can't get past insulting me.

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