Tuesday, February 08, 2005


JSH: Easy math, easy solution

I am talking about quadratics people:

yx^2 + Ax - M^2 = 0


yz^2 + Az - j^2 = 0

and solving those equations to get

x = z(-Az +/- sqrt((Az - 2M^2)^2 - 4TM^2))/(2j^2 - 2Az)


z = x(-Ax +/- sqrt((Ax + 2j^2)^2 - 4Tj^2))/(2M^2 - 2Ax)

is the kind of thing most of you should have been able to do when you were twelve years old.

The variables x and z are connected to each other while depending on factorizations of numbers other than the number of which they are a factor.

Think of it as a clever trick if it will help you.

But somehow I managed to get x a factor of M constrained by the factorization of Tj^2, where T = M^2 - j^2.

It's trivial to figure that out.

It's trivial to see A, and see that if you have some solution for x that is a fraction where A=1, then A can absorb the denominator of x, and you have a rational solution.

It's trivial to see that proves a closed form.

Now then, I say you people are worse than frauds, you are selfish, and stupid and willing to let other people suffer for your mistakes and failures.

I say you don't care about the hundreds of billions of dollars flowing as we speak around the world dependent on an idea that I've shown to be flawed with a couple of quadratics!!!

And I say that if other people die because of you being frauds then you should die with them.

I say that if people are harmed because you are liars then you should suffer harm in equal measure.

I say that you will face the consequences of refusing to acknowledge the truth, of refusing to be real mathematicians, of refusing to show social responsibility not in years, not in months, but in days.

You people are beneath contempt. Even now you still have a chance to do the right thing, to act for the benefit of others, to do SOMETHING other than lie.

You are corrupt from surface to core.

I say we deserved better, but you are what we got. Well I fear you like poverty, misery, and death as that's what you're setting the world up for on a large scale.

I have called some of you evil directly, and it seems to me that you are working to prove that you are evil.

The problem can be handled if recognized. But if you sit on your damn hands, then the consequences are HUGE.

It's trival math in many ways. You cannot plausibly say you didn't understand.

And for that, if you do nothing, you may die, and far sooner than you think.

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