Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Critics. How many have there been?

Who knows. Over the years I've seen so many postings from people who seem to think they gain something by stepping up to criticize, as if they're playing to some imaginary cheering crowd.

They come and go.

Years back, some posters would decide they'd made major points and do celebratory posts, or a couple of them would congratulate each other on how brilliant they thought they were with some cutting and negative remark.

They have come and gone.

I have ideas that I get excited about, and ones that worry me, like surrogate factoring, where I make certain extraordinary statements, which I attempt to justify mathematically.

In response I see some people who challenge those assertions, at times successfully, and a LOT of others who seem to believe that in this world, a good performance can be about just cutting someone else down.

Yeah, I guess there are comedians who seem to get away with nothing but personal attacks, but you actually have to produce something to keep people's interest.

People who just maliciously attack me in posts either do two things, end up just eventually stopping, and being forgotten, or turn into the weird almost ghoulish crew who stalk my postings, replying obsessively, as if they have lost the ability to not do so.

I say the simple thing is to let this be Usenet.

If you don't like my postings do what most people do with things they don't like: turn away

But don't come out, obsessively seek out my posts, reply to them energetically, and then claim to not like my postings, while you try to make a name for yourself with attack postings, as not only is it silly, it does not work.

You don't make a name for yourself.

You make a bigger name for me, that's all, so I can make posts like this one, and it be justified.

Now ask yourself, who else on sci.math or sci.crypt can make a post like this one at all, and pull it off?

Despite any critics comments to the contrary, I'm the only one.

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