Monday, November 08, 2004


JSH: At the Annals

I basically looked over the paper Advanced Polynomial Factorization, considered all the arguments and various comments from journals, editors and various people I've talked to about it, and rewrote and renamed it.

The result went to the Annals, which accepted it for review.

So, no, I'm not concerned about sci.math posters coming later and trashing the journal and yes I'm assuming few problems. After all, I've gone over every step in the argument repeatedly to quite a few people, from Barry Mazur, to Ralph McKenzie at my alma mater in-person, to, yes, Usenet posters.

There is no error.

And also, I'm not terribly concerned about how it will be handled by reviewers because I have so much information from what happened with the older paper.

Essentially, it's over, but I'm sure many of you will cherish your ability to continue to badmouth my work and act as if it's nothing for as long as you can because that's really all you can do at this point.

I have included non-polynomial factorization, stepped out each step, and noted the conflict with what follows from the ring of algebraic integers, and noted it as an error within the discipline.

The paper is quite solid.

I don't know how long you people have exactly, but you may have until next year, early.

So enjoy that time if you feel that being wrong is something to enjoy, and be thankful for whatever it is that you people are thankful for, as I wish you cared about mathematics itself.

Sure, egos can get caught up in something, and it's hard to finally swallow your pride—I know—but at the end of the day if you care about mathematics then you care about what is TRUE, and your ego be damned.

At the end of the day, it's not really my work, but the world's. Information valuable to humanity is not something to be blocked, fought, and maligned becaus it makes you feel bad or scared.

Unfortunately, since humanity's beginning there have been minority groups who feel threatened by new information to the extent that they fight it, long past the point when the fighting should stop.

But there is progress because those people lose. And that is what you should really be thankful for.

Now, it's drift time. Waiting. Time to think. Time to consider before the hammer finally falls.

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