Friday, September 10, 2004


JSH: Time, yes time

Through the years I've watched many critics come and go, and seen a few stay.

I guess they figure they can stay indefinitely, but will they?

What's ten years to me?

What's twenty?

Some of you may think you'll still be here twenty years from now, or you may think you can guess what others will say to me twenty years from now, but you're deluded.

How about thirty years?

How about fifty?

When it comes down to it, some of you are caught in a drama I created for you, and I toss out big numbers for years but really think more like a couple or a few months.

I watch some of you come and go, and some of you stay and I wonder about you sometimes, and think about what you believe, how you seem to see constancy where I see a sea of change.

I look at your posts and listen to you get dramatic, or lie, or upset or whatever and sometimes I just smile.

I think about that strange little adolescent sense of immortality, as if you can be there, always. As if the drama will continue with you a part of it, indefinitely.

As if you can last.

But what do you really know? How do you know who writes the story?

How do you know when your time is up, and your last post is made, and you go elsewhere, whatever your reasons.

I am a force of Nature. Time is a friend of mine, and We talk about things, here and there.

And sometimes We muse a bit, about what some people think, and then We watch them go…

They come and they go. That is constant in the sea of change. The coming and the going, but in the meantime, Time and I, We play with some of them, at least for a little while.

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