Thursday, September 02, 2010


JSH: Some suspicions and a plan?

One thing that has bugged me for years is the ease with which I can prove any number of things, or show remarkable happenings around my research—and have a mathematical community that remains quiet, except for on Usenet!!!

Somehow, no matter what, Usenet posters will reply in the negative regardless of evidence or argument and I've long suspected that mathematicians around the world are relying on Usenet replies to gauge how easily they can continue to ignore my research.

And year after year they've concluded they are safe.

But web searches are painting a different reality of a growing level of influence of my ideas, possibly showing that naive math professors and others within the mathematical community are over-estimating the lack of interest in my ideas, and relying too heavily on their personal impressions of what Usenet poster's replies actually mean.

But to them it may seem worth it.

For a Harvard math professor life is pretty good right now. If a massive error is revealed in number theory and he's a number theorists, then, not so much.

It may seem safer to roll the dice, ESPECIALLY with continued seeming massive resistance on Usenet.

So the plan now is maybe to pick one person.

And oddly enough I can pick just about anyone on the planet as I think mathematicians have socially miscalculated and my influence is growing in ways they don't understand. Actually I don't understand it either!!!

But I'm willing to test it.

Which means I can take a single human being at any level of stature. And use him or her.

So the pressure point will be against one person. One person who thinks that his or her life is relatively secure at this point in terms of achievement.

Oh yeah, executives are fine as well. You might all think of Internet executives. And I actually live in San Francisco so I can conceivably just show up and say, chat with Twitter executives. And Google is around the corner. There are also Adobe people nearby.

I can use my influence on one human being.

There are billionaires to consider as well. There is Buffet or Gates or others.

Be creative.

If mathematicians know I'm right and are using Usenet as their gauge then they are not only stupid, they are insulting your intelligence.

And I will make them pay, through one powerful person.

Whom you will pick.

Celebs. Heads of state. Heads of industry.

I can reach just about anyone. And THAT person will have his or her life changed.

They will have little choice.

So you want to reach out and touch a powerful person?

Pick them. And I'll do the rest.

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