Wednesday, September 01, 2010


JSH: Give me a name

It occurs to me that there MAY be someone in the mathematical world that you people actually respect! So it is conceivable that I can convince that one, single, solitary human being and in the endless arguing.

So give me a name.

At this point given my reach I can get a message to just about anyone in the world, directly, or through others who will find that person. Or maybe posters are correct and I don't have that reach into 100+ countries. LOL. My reach is something that I don't mind testing. I can get a message to just about anyone on the planet at any level, including heads of state. (If that would do it, fine! You can even say President Obama. It doesn't matter. I can get a message to him too.)

But if I cover the world I can reach just about anyone you people name, wherever they are on the planet.

So give me a name.

Maybe then I can quit bugging you guys!

I'd probably just use Twitter. A couple of tweets should do it! If that person has a Twitter account I'd tweet at them directly. If not, I'd use a general tweet or two. If they're really tough it might actually take three!

If there is no one, fine. Maybe no human being could convince you no matter who agreed with me.

But supposedly math people have "leading mathematicians" they respect, like Andrew Wiles, Andrew Granville, Ken Ribet, and some guy I think his name is Taylor among others.

Pick one. I'll go with the group consensus on who is best. Wiles might be a good choice?

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