Friday, February 01, 2008


JSH: Yeah, it works

So I found this answer to factoring so easy it's actually kind of dumb and in retrospect it's so obvious that I find myself wondering over and over again, how can this be new?

Here's a detailed example: T=119, p_1 = 5, p_2 = 11.

119 mod 5 = 4, so I just run through all factors possible modulo 5:

f_1, f_2


Now I do the same modulo 55, as 119 = 9 mod 55:

f_1, f_2

1, 9
2, 28
3, 3
4, 16
5, no solution possible
6, no solution possible
7, 17

I'll stop there since I know the right answer and don't feel like putting in 54 results though that is the tedious way that the computer would proceed.

Now you can see tow answers that are the same already, but what you want to do is go modulo 5, so looping through the second list mod 5:

f_1 mod 5, f_2 mod 5

1, 4
2, 3
3, 3
4, 1
5, no solution possible
6, no solution possible
2, 2

and I have two matches, as of course, it gave the correct answer at the solution.

The more astute of you may note that 2 mod 5 = -3, so those are just the negatives and the technique correctly identifies f_1 mod 5 = 2 and f_2 mod 5 = 2.

It also gives you modulo 11 as you go with the 7 and 17 and take them modulo 11.

It's a simple idea that has to work for simple reasons.

Some of you may think I'm too harsh on mathematicians.

I think over the next few days you may decide I'm not harsh enough, as the duty on them is to quickly acknowledge this result.

Yeah, I know. It's too easy…if you think the world is one thing, but haven't any of you noticed that our world seems quite a bit odd lately? Ever occur to any of you that quite a few things are not what they seem?

Go with the math. Play with your own examples. Convince yourself with experiment and then I'm telling you LOOK OUT, and don't just assume you can trust certain people as this war has just escalated and for the first time more human beings than ever may finally learn some crucial things about reality.

The war has gone on beneath the surface for long enough. Your continued survival depends on more information coming into the light of day about the true nature of reality, and your place within it, as well as the enemies you face, including just how powerful they are, and how nearly impossible it will be for most of you to survive.

Everything before now was about what's called the glamour: the comforting lie.

Most of what you know about reality is wrong.

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