Friday, February 01, 2008


JSH: Tired of the deluded

Unfortunately the truth hurts for some people. I have no doubt that there will be posters who will reply just to clog up threads in the hope that by babbling a lot they can hide the simple solution to the factoring problem

And its simplicity should tell you something.

As I've said the modern math field is corrupted.

Modern mathematician in "pure math" areas are usually not doing ANY mathematics of value so it's not surprising that they missed something this easy.

The insults and accusations of mental illness are just the tools of con artists as no legitimate researcher would need to stoop to such lows.

I'm using the factoring problem to prove this reality which has put the future scientific progress of the entire human race in jeopardy.

These people are parasitic. They rely on manipulation and attempt to use trust to keep their victims in their control.

They do fake math so the answer I have to them as they dominate this earth so strongly is to use real math to show the world what they are, and who they are.

Yes, George W. Bush is one of them in the political arena.

They are a parasitic subspecies of humanity.

They live to manipulate and control without giving value, just like parasites in other arenas.

And they have few if any morals.

But they are very adept at manipulating people. That's what they live for, it's their greatest talent—mind control.

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