Monday, February 04, 2008


JSH: Stupid little answer

Just more than a little bit worried now that maybe soon I'll have to deal with the world figuring out just how far ahead I am.

That silly little congruence result kind of just angers me.

Such a trivial little thing:

With non-zero coprime integers n_1 and n_2, if f_1 = r_1 mod n_1 and f_1 = r_2 mod n_2, you can find f_1 mod p_1*p_2 with

f_1 = r_1 + jn_1 mod n_1*n_2

where j = (r_2 - r_1)n_1^{-1} mod n_2.

I like this result better than the Chinese Remainder theorem, as you can just go by two's and it's my discovery.

What are you people doing? What makes you think it's mathematics?

That result should NOT BE NEW!!!

What's wrong with you people?

What in the hell have you been doing for all these years?

I feel like my talents are wasted discovering stupid, easy crap that should NOT BE FREAKING NEW!!!

I wish you'd all just get out of the field and let me start over, training some new students who might have an ounce of a chance of actually being real mathematicians versus jokes wasting the world's time when we may not have much time left.

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