Monday, February 04, 2008


JSH: Near as I can figure

The answer I have for why research of mine is ignored is that it simplifies too well for most modern mathematicians who crave complexity to hide flaws or to make sure that they can write plenty of research papers.

So near as I can figure, when I come up with something new which could sweepingly explain some mathematical behavior, they just ignore it.

Now the short answer of what happens as a result is that students get taught mathematical ideas that are too complicated, and may even be wrong, just because some professor feels his job is more secure if he screws them over.

Now that may sound harsh but how do you explain supposedly brilliant mathematicians who ignore even the simplest results only to teach more complex stuff while claiming to like "pure math"?

You guys are the victims.

They teach you crap just to keep themselves fully employed.

Now I've been speaking out against this for years now but until you care about learning mathematics, for real, versus just being proud to sit at the feet of people supposedly top mathematicians—as you crave social stuff versus intellectual reality—then you will keep wasting effort learning crap because some small-minded people want to be fully employed and don't value your time enough to make sure you learn the best knowledge available.

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