Saturday, February 09, 2008


JSH: Key in the lock, factoring technique

So guess what? Big new thing is that I came up with this guessing technique to factor, which is a key in the lock technique, where the guesses have to be correct or you don't get all integers.

Trouble is, and why I'm still putting out the posts, the math people are either quiet or still arguing with me, which in this case means showing complete contempt for your knowledge of basic algebra:

The four equations are:

(f_1 + c_1*p_1)(f_2 + c_2*p_1) = T = r_1 + k_1*p_1

(g_1 + d_1*p_2)(g_2 + d_2*p_2) = T = r_2 + k_2*p_2


(f_1 + c_1*p_1) = (g_1 + d_1*p_2)

(f_2 + c_2*p_1) = (g_2 + d_2*p_2)

and that may seem like a LOT of variables (ok, it is) but most of them are known as p_1 and p_2 are prime numbers. T is the target composite to factor, r_1 = T mod p_1, and r_2 = T mod p_2, so k_1 and k_2 are easily calculated.

And f_1, f_2, g_1, and g_2 are residues where

f_1*f_2 = T mod p_1 and g_1*g_2 = T mod p_2

so those are you keys to the lock. If you guess right then the last two equations are true. If you guess wrong, then they are not true for integers.

That's why this technique is about a key in the lock.

Note, guessing wrong will still give you an answer for the c's and d's, but not all integers.

You have four equations and four unknowns as if you counted along, only c_1, c_2, d_1, and d_2 are left as unknowns, and you can see the four equations.

Math people have a reason to fight my research, and the point here is there are NO LIMITS in their fight so they cannot be the ones who are telling the truth.

Otherwise, they'd celebrate a great advance.

But I suggest to you they feel fear and are just looking to see if they can hide the result or if I'll just be ignored.

It's like, if quantum theory and relativity had been blocked by the physics community because most physicists were fakes so that Einstein, Schroedinger and Heisenberg had to get creative to get the truth out.

I am being creative but I realize the future still is in doubt.

They will hide the truth because they see truth in mathematics as their enemy.

The mathematical field was corrupted. And the future of the human species is in danger as a result.

Continued scientific progress is in doubt if the problem is not addressed as correct mathematics is crucial to it.

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