Sunday, February 10, 2008


JSH: Funding is the issue

Over 5 years ago I found a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

Mathematicians have lied about it since then.

It's not that amazing that I could find a solution to the factoring problem.

Ending the debate is, as always, about me or someone else using the solution to force the issue.

But I want more than to wake up to a parade of lies from powerful people who will work to convince the bulk of society that they should keep their jobs, and their funding.

So the short of it is that if you want to roll the dice then you have one angry person with more power than maybe any other human being in the history of the planet to just decide that you do not need any more money.

I want to take away your funding, unless you convince me otherwise.

I don't want to let you have it in the hope that you're not a crook.

I want to take it away now and have you convince me that you deserve it.

Academics have truly made me a very angry person and if it were up to me I would slash funding across the board and see who could prove to me that they are doing real research.

And I especially don't trust the most venerable institutions because Princeton has been yanking my chain about my math papers for years now.

So I think that if any of you are doing anything valuable then you can prove it.

And if you want to start spending a lot more time trying to justify why public funds should be used for your research then you back these idiots till the bitter end and I will change as much as the modern academic world as I can starting with destroying tenure.

Which I'm going to end anyway.

I want you who are just parasites OUT.

And I want you OUT NOW.

And any of your students who are loyal to you can go with you.

I don't care if you have 50 years in, or books or awards or a goddamn Nobel prize.

I will make you justify staying in the field.

This battle has come to the point where I can prove to the world that many of you lie or let the lying happen, so you can get your funds.

So I take away the funds and you find a way to still do science without money, or you do your jobs now and fulfill your duty to society.

Your choice.

I think you will choose wrong.

Because I think none of you yet understand what is going on, or how serious it is.

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