Saturday, February 09, 2008


JSH: Denial is a sad thing

I've been wrong before with my math results—lots of times. I know that bad feeling when you just screwed up, which is why I appreciate when the mathematics is correct as I learned to value that more than believing something was true.

So now I found some equations that relate to the factoring problem.

That is just mathematics.

The four equations are:

(f_1 + c_1*p_1)(f_2 + c_2*p_1) = T = r_1 + k_1*p_1

(g_1 + d_1*p_2)(g_2 + d_2*p_2) = T = r_2 + k_2*p_2


(f_1 + c_1*p_1) = (g_1 + d_1*p_2)

(f_2 + c_2*p_1) = (g_2 + d_2*p_2)

where the second set is only true for all integers if you guess at f_1, f_2 and g_1 and g_2 correctly, where those are residues and

f_1*f_2 = T mod p_1 and g_1*g_2 = T mod p_2

Here and now those of you who think you can be mathematicians make the choices that determine what you really are.

Sure, later you can lie and claim to have gone one way even if you go another but make no mistake, eventually I and people like me who will clean up the discipline will find that out, as there is more to this mathematics thing than many of you have guessed.

And it is so important to the human race that it will be our duty to find you out, and push you out of the field.

Decide here and now what kind of people you are.

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