Sunday, June 11, 2006


JSH: So I lose

I don't see any way to get through the complete social control that mathematician have in "pure math" areas, and I can't get a factoring solution, so there is nothing else for me to do in this area.

The idea was for a treasure hunt. I'd look for simple proofs in dramatic areas and get rich if I could just fine one.

But you can't get rich if no one will acknowledge your discovery, so an unacknowledged discovery, is no discovery at all.

So by that brutal social logic, I have no discoveries.

My analysis is that mathematicians will and do routinely lie about "pure" mathematical arguments, knowing that there is no other authority outside of their circles.

My final analysis is that there is no way to get past this reality.

Being someone who was in it for the money, there is no reason left to bang my head against a system that is so completely broken.

At this time, it is impossible to determine what mathematicians say is true, and what is not true, as it's so convoluted and so involved with their own self-interest.

I do hope that at least in applied mathematics, where lives can be lost dependent on whether or not the mathematics is true, these damn cons actually do tell the truth.

I am now working to push myself away from the reality of having made what should have been major discoveries, with my short proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, my prime counting function, and my other various research finds, which turned out to not be because mathematicians would not accept them, to accepting the reality that we live in a stupid, senseless world.

Yesterday I saw a news thing about some heads being cut off in Iraq.

Not a big deal in today's world. Just another thing.

This world is useless. There is nothing of value. There is nothing left for the discoverer.

Humanity may as well be extinct. As it is so totally useless.

It has no value.

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