Saturday, June 03, 2006


JSH: Objectors, show an accomplishment

The more I think about it, the more it amazes me that people who have nothing but the word of other people to back their work, get away with belittling mine, when I have real world accomplishments, and easily checkable mathematical results.

I have mentioned my open source project.

My prime counting function—counts primes.

I am curious if the people who like to spend so much time challenging me on these forums can come back with REAL WORLD accomplishments of their own.

Do not tell me about this supposed proof or this paper or publication where you need a committee that claims you are right.

Committees get things wrong.

Do any of you have any actual accomplishments that do not depend on the opinion of some other person?

How about you Ullrich? Go anything? Have you done ANY thing that does not depend on some other mathematician claiming it is correct?

You Magidin?

How about you Dik Winter?

Or any of the rest of you.

What can you put up against me in the real world, outside of this social bullshit you people have been using for years now.

I am past tired of it. Show me ANYTHING you have beyond talk, social crap, and group support.

Show me you are people who can actually get something done where you do not need some other person saying you got it done.

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