Monday, June 12, 2006


JSH: Listening to investors

While it may be a coincidence it's also possible that the recent drop in world stock markets is a vote of no-confidence in mathematicians.

Investors may simply not be so willing to continue to trust a society that has spent so much time labeling someone like me, a crackpot, when in fact, I have more than enough proven results to back up my claims.

And now, because mathematicians fought my mathematical proofs, I've gone after the factoring problem.

This latest result I am increasingly certain provides the path to a solution.

Smart money is already moving.

You can deny all you want, but then you can also watch your investments melt away.

S = (k_1*sqrt(x) + k_2*sqrt(y))*(k_3*sqrt(x) + k_4*sqrt(y))

works because S is the surrogate, and not the target. So the k's are defined by the factors of the surrogate. Solving everything out gives you a quartic, but I think the know-how exists to work that quartic, and find solutions.

If I am right, there are probably people working on the technical details now, going after the over $300k that RSA is offering.

That ideas can have such a major impact—as already TRILLIONS of dollars have moved—is something that is beyond most of you as a concept, as to you mathematics is just some game, a way to make money, or pass away the time.

But real world, trillions of dollars depend on systems that depend on mathematics.

Some people are willing to trust, others are not.

I say, the people who know human nature, know that it makes more sense that mathematicians as a group can lie than that one person can invite so much attention worldwide, be so cogent, have such dramatic and concrete results like my prime counting function, and just be "crazy", so they know to MOVE THEIR MONEY.

And later when it's clear that I am right, they'll know who lied.

The Progress of Humanity is not just some stupid game, some useless idea that has no meaning. It is not some nothing that has been played out here, but the future of life on this planet.

It is as big as it gets. This drama is as big as it gets. So a few trillion dollars here and there, are nothing, in comparison.

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