Saturday, June 10, 2006


JSH: Hyperbolas, parabolas

Oh yeah I made a recent mistake where I talked about rotating parabolas into hyperbolas, which it was pointed out is wrong.

Well, I was a kid when I was bothering with doing such things, and I had weird things that bugged me, like when you rotate a parabola, you get two curves, like the damn thing reflects around something, which is like a hyperbola, where you have two curves.

Being a kid, I supposed that the parabola had been turned into a hyperbola, and didn't think about it much thereafter and just tossed that out as an adult, though considering now, yeah, that's wrong.

I would play with the equations and play with them trying to force the damn parabola to just be one after the rotation, but I'd always get two curves.

Oh, thinking of hyperbolas, I had another surrogate factoring idea, which boils down to using two hyperbolas for the factors of your target, which is even weirder in that x and y of the hyperbolas will tend to be non-rational but xy and x+y will not.

If it works it will be one of the ugliest solutions I've ever come up with.

It looks to me like hey, it might work, but I've thought that before, so I also think, hey, no way it works.

Hyperbolas and parabolas. Thing is, I only liked parabolas as a kid. I'd draw them and draw them. And rotate them, and wonder why I'd get two. But I rarely bothered with any other conic section.

And now here I am with freaking hyperbolas trying to factor with the damn things.

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